About Us

Our company established in 2019, we carry out all types of food trading, we buy, pack, transport and deliver at place. We also help you deliver your goods to your targeted market particularly in Middle East and North Africa. Our company is located in Tunisia with connections and strategic partnership with key industrial players around the world enabling us to committed to deliver your goods wherever you need them to be delivered to on time. Our team consist of experienced and talented people, which include: transport, insurance, quality control and we have the required experience for every part of trade such as transport and logistics.

Providing safe products is a big responsibility

we take this very seriously, this guarantees that our products are developed, produced, traded, transported, stored, distributed and delivered in a controlled and hygienic way, with safety and health priority.

Our Services

Trade, transport, insurance, consulting, quality control and logistics…. Etc. We supply all kinds of goods, our business activities include trading vegetable Oils, white sugar, basmati and non-basmati rice, yellow corn, Soybean meal, animal feed, tuna, sardine, and fertilizers Do not worry about risks of losing your goods because we are ready to manage any risk and to provide security. We ensure all orders arrive on the agreed time. With our experienced staff, you do not have to worry about the unusual circumstances, there is no challenge in our job that we cannot manage, and no problem that we cannot solve.

Our main specialty is international transport

Our main specialty is international transport, shipping, import, export, loading and unloading all over the world we are perfectly prepared for every aspect of global trade.

Upon Request

we do packaging and branding of products for our customers.

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